Bargaining Council Update: April-June Contributions and Change of Address Reminder

Dear industry – here is a reminder about important updates from the Bargaining Council.

April-June Contribution Reminder

The Council wishes to remind all establishments / legal owners (rent-a-chairs) of the arrangement communicated in the April 2020, May 2020 and June 2020 Chronicles.

This states that the limited contributions charged during this period is payable to Council over a six (6) month period from July 2020 onwards.

Should you make a payment relating to those periods, please ensure you send proof of payment to Council and indicate which portion of the payment relates to those periods in order for the allocation to be done correctly.

The proof of payment and breakdown can be sent to

Change of Address Reminder

In recent months the Council has found that many establishments and legal owners (rent-a-chairs) have changed address.

We kindly request that these changes be reported to the Council to ensure our system is updated with the correct information.

Any amendments to the particulars of an establishment or legal owner (rent-a-chair) such as change in address, telephone number, e-mail address or any other details can be submitted to or

Thank you, and stay safe!

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