Hairdressing Recovering Post Lockdown

Good news for the industry! Hairdressing is leading the way in terms of post-lockdown recovery in the personal care sector, with hair salons increasing their turnover faster than beauty.

Stats released by ESP Salon Software show the following:

• Average industry turnover has increased by 6 percent in August compared to July.

• Hairdressing turnover has increased by an average of 10 percent in August compared to July, with beauty at 5 percent.

• This includes service and retail turnover.

Salons in a mall were slower to show an increase in their turnover, with home salons leading the way in terms of recovery in July. However, during August, mall salons became busier again and in fact have shown bigger growth, probably due to our total Covid cases falling and clients feeling confident to return to salons again.

The average number of dockets have increased by 14 percent in August compared to July, although docket value has fallen slightly. This is to be expected as July was the month when many major post-lockdown fix-ups occurred that were more costly, and these clients are now back on their usual maintenance.

With the trends looking positive it’s important to think about what this means for your salon. If you have not shown growth in August, with your turnover a little higher and a few more dockets than July, you need to address this and look for ways to maximise your business so as not to fall behind the industry’s curve!

With thanks to ESP Salon Software for the stats and info shared.

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