Open Letter to the Hair and Beauty Industry by Lilene Pelser

We are grateful to the iconic Lilene Pelser, National Business Coach for Joico SA, for this wonderful open letter. Thank you for your leadership, positivity and kindness which provide a beacon of light in these challenging times.


Dear friends

I feel I want to share this personal message to each and every beautiful individual in our Industry.

My message comes from a place of Love, Kindness and Passion for this trade that I have been working in for nearly 34 years.

I feel I want to remind all of us (and I include myself in all of this) about the word Mindfulness. The general definition would be: “a state of being conscious or aware of something. A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and thoughts.”

We should all keep in mind that we are all human, with a different set of coping mechanisms, triggers, motivators, belief systems, values, standards and our own way of dealing with stressful situations. We cannot compare our own specific situation to anyone else’s, it would be gravely unfair.

We all are completely aware of this huge challenge that we are currently facing, during which we need to remind ourselves that we are all in this TOGETHER. The complete Hair and Beauty trade are greatly affected by this lockdown and limitations we are facing to conduct our businesses. We need to regroup and refocus on how we conduct ourselves during this extremely stressful time and that the bigger picture to be kept in mind would be, to work together to enable us to celebrate the Re'-opening of our Industry as soon as possible and to keep being inspirational during all of this! I believe that all attempts are well intended and that we are grateful to everyone and anyone in their deliberations for our Trade to reopen. To attack, blame, debunk and destroy certain “team members/colleagues/institutions” in our trade will serve no one and only creates division at this point.

Again I say let us practise Mindfulness to the next person, irrelevant if their viewpoint might be different to mine, each of us have a right to our own opinion, feelings and how we manage ourselves within our different situations. Yes, it is a great challenge to keep the level of frustration low key, stay calm and stay patient while we can feel, and see the destruction this has caused in our Industry. I believe, once again we have been reminded during all this hardship, in what great demand we as people and our services are in our beautiful Industry!

My request to all today would be this, let us conduct ourselves with pride, professionalism, integrity in tact and show a degree of sensitivity, mutual respect, understanding, kindness and MINDFULNESS to everyone on all different platforms.

I wish you all Abundance, Love and Light and to stay safe

With much love Lilene

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