What is the Timeframe for Salons to Reopen?

Good news for the industry! Now that Level 3 is underway, EOHCB and industry organisations are working intensively with government to finalise the safety protocols that will be necessary for the hair and beauty industry to reopen.

This reopening will take place in Level 3, and the requirements for salons will be gazetted as soon as they have been finalised and agreed on. Currently, EOHCB and government are finalising these in collaboration and they are making excellent progress in this regard.

Reopening is hopefully just a week or two away!

Now is the time for you to start focusing on your business, and how you are going to survive and thrive in the “new normal” that we will all be faced with.

Some issues you will need to start thinking about and addressing, which Hairnews will cover in the days to come, include:

  • Preparing for reopening and how to comply with the regulations as soon as these are finalised

  • Negotiation with landlords and adjusting rental until you have more certainty about your revenue

  • Pricing of services and ways you can accommodate the hygiene and social distancing demands of a safe environment

  • Optimising the use of your salon in terms of space, time, hours, and sharing with others

  • Ensuring that you can handle the initial flood of clients and how to book / prioritise this while making the most of it

  • Stocking up and restocking on a limited budget, ways to do this as you get back on your feet

  • How you are going to handle the subject of the virus in your salon, your stance and attitude – this will become increasingly important!

In the meantime we encourage all hairstylists to take heart – there is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of reopening, and this will be a reality soon in Level 3! Start communicating this to your clients – they will be as excited as you, at the prospect of good hair days ahead.

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