Hair and Beauty Industry Seeks Urgent Clarification on Level 3 Regulations

After the President’s speech last night, many hair and beauty salons were left feeling confused and disappointed. The draft regulations for Lockdown Level 3 stated that hairdressing and beauty would be allowed to open only if 1.5 metre social distancing between customers was complied with. The Presidential Twitter account published at the time of the speech, stated the same. However, the President’s speech did not make mention of the social distancing regulation and simply stated that hairdressing was not permitted. The industry organizations are urgently seeking clarification on this from Government and a copy of the gazetted rules which will provide full detail. There may be two reasons for hair and beauty services being excluded in the speech:

  1. There was a last minute change made to the Draft regulations and Government decided to exclude hairdressing and beauty after all.

  2. The speech writer made an error in interpreting the clause “Personal care services, including hairdressing, beauty treatments, make-up and nail salons and piercing and tattoo parlours, where adequate social distance of at least one and a half meters between customers is not possible.” As it is set out under Economic Exclusions, and is confusingly worded, it could have been a simple error in comprehending what the paragraph really meant.

Hairnews urges the industry to please:

  • Be Patient – the industry organisations are are seeking the correct facts asap. Once these facts are available and confirmed, they will be communicated asap.

  • Don’t Make Decisions Yet – please hold off on cancelling lease agreements or any other decision regarding your business, until the Level 3 regulations are fully understood and finalised, and any additional negotiation and engagement has occurred. If this is taking place you will be informed asap.

  • Be Positive – now is not the time to “vent” on social media even though it is an incredibly frustrating and confusing situation! Your clients need you to be calm and positive. Vent in private, not in public.

  • Don’t Advertise Illegal Services – Please do not advertise on social media that you are doing, or intend to do, any services which are illegal during current lockdown laws. Social media is forever and publishing this can have lasting negative consequences for you and your business.

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