Social Media Tips for Salons in Stage 4

Stage 4 is definitely the worst stage for us to be in! It seems as if lockdown has lasted forever, everyone is hurting and frustrated, and there seems to be no end in sight. Take heart, stay strong, keep lobbying and emailing government and industry organisations to include hairdressing in the next stage. Remember that the precautions are in place to ensure that we do not experience a crippling flare-up of this virus, that will cause widespread casualties along with a prolonged, forced closure of the economy (as Italy has experienced). Stage 4 will not last long and it is part of the gradual easing of restrictions that has been carefully and scientifically implemented by a world renowned team. Also remember that you can start again, rebuild your business, take on a new challenge, get a new job, get back on your feet – if you are alive. You cannot do so if you are dead. The aim of the steady relaxation of lockdown is to give every person the best chance of surviving this virus by ensuring that there are enough medical resources to treat every person who becomes sick enough to need hospital care. Here are a few social media tips to get you through this stage: 1. Engage, engage, engage with clients. Now, more than ever, is the time to communicate and the right communication can grow your following and increase your reach. 2. Do think out of the box, create solutions for your clients, create ways for them to engage with you and do business with you that are in line with lockdown regulations and your professional ethics. 3. Survey your clients, ask what they need now, and ask what they will need when it is time to open up again. This way you will be perfectly placed to maximise your revenue on the very first day back at work. 4. Your clientele look up to you as a person, and place, where empathy and care is shown. Be that living example for your community. Try your best to stay calm, stay hopeful, don’t have meltdowns in public. (Of course, you may have them in private.) Give your clients some hope, some fun, some joy in the difficult time we are all experiencing. Try your best to keep your sense of humour! 5. Do share your fears and concerns if they are valid and you need help, but don’t make every post about them. People are overloaded with negativity at this stage. They will be drawn to those who can show leadership and a positive way forward. 6. Don’t embrace fringe theories, don’t try to argue against scientific facts, don’t blame anybody for lockdown and its stages. The only “person” to blame is the virus, the country’s scientific panel is providing and the best way to fight this, is through your behaviour. 7. Remember that lockdown seems like an eternity to you now, while we are all living through it, but a year from now it will seem to have passed in a flash. As we are living through unprecedented times, we have to be kind to ourselves during lockdown in terms of work, but even so, you should do what you can as far as your time and energy allow. 8. Try to do one small thing each day that is positive or constructive for your online presence and your business.

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