Create Compelling Content for Instagram

You want to show off your beautiful creations on social media. You’ve heard that’s the place to do it. But, where do you begin?

Here are 3 easy steps to create compelling Instagram content. Content that will make people stop, look, and follow.

Step 1: Plan, plan, plan

Planning is the foundation for successful social media. Imagine not scheduling appointments for your clients: the guesswork, the stress and the chaos would be unreal and a messy column in your appointment book becomes a messy day.

Planning your Instagram feed is the same as scheduling appointments. It establishes a plan for your day, week and month. It creates consistency and eliminates chaos.

Planning allows you to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. This is a key element to levelling-up your social media strategy, boosting your engagement and gaining followers.

Break down your social media planning into two parts:

1. Monthly content calendar

• Bring your brand to life by plotting your ideas on a monthly content calendar

• The calendar will allow you to plan Instagram posts according to holidays, special events and seasons.

2. Content planning app

• Make your life easier by downloading a content planning app. We recommend Plann, UNUM or Later

• When you plan in advance you allow yourself time to curate and edit content

• Planning apps help you with the look of your Instagram feed and enable you to create and schedule posts in advance. No more rushing to post in-between client appointments! They also give you the opportunity to write enticing captions and choose the best hashtags.

Step 2: Appeal to emotions

Social media can make us feel liked, loved, important, well-travelled, envious, competitive and even proud. No wonder the medium is so addictive; it appeals to and impacts our emotions.

Humans are driven to action when the emotions are evoked making social media a fertile playground. We stop to look at an image in our Instagram feed, engage with a post, follow a page – and finally, we feel a connection that drives us to action.

Use these 5 C’s to evoke emotion

Colour, Clarity, Composition, Curation, Community

• Colour: Choose a colour palette and theme and stick to it. It creates a unified look across your feed, keeping it neat, and fresh.

• Clarity: NO BLURRY PHOTOS! Take clear, beautiful photos in a well-lit area with either natural light or a ring light. Avoid using direct sunlight.

• Composition: Your photos must be well balanced. If you are taking a headshot, make sure you capture all the hair withour chopping off the top of the head or the ends of the hair. For product shots, use the horizontal and vertical reference lines on your screen to position the main element of the photo.

• Curation: Draw people to your page by making it beautiful, well organised and consistent. Create an identity exclusive to you or your brand making it instantly recognisable.

• Community: Your vibe attracts your tribe rings true for social media. Successful Instagram accounts thrive because they engage in and promote a sense of community. They share content, tag, mention, and credit one another. Communities are loyal to you and your brand. They help you succeed.

• • • • • • • • • •

“Make sure to create a cohesive aesthetic when taking photos. If you are using a white wall as your background, make sure the lighting is always the same. If you are using the salon as a background (like I do) make sure you take the photo from the same angle. So, you’ll achieve a super professional look for your personal/salon Instagram feed.”

Wella Professionals Digital Influencer and Passionista, Matthias Herzberg

Follow @chimoer @artroom for inspiration and colour techniques.

• • • • • • • • • •

Step 3: Tell your story

People the world over love listening to and telling stories. Instagram and Facebook have capitalised on this by creating their ‘stories’ feature – the most utilised tool on Instagram receiving the highest engagement – enabling you to capture moments in your day to share with your followers. But, let’s face it, few of us are born great storytellers, so here are a few tips and tricks to turn your stories into something your following will want to follow:

• Be yourself and use your own voice: Post things even if they seem less than perfect. Your followers want to hear what you have to say and they want to see your brand’s personality shine through your posts. Share what excites you, scares you, and inspires you. The more relatable and honest you are, the more inspiring you become. Followers want to feel like they really know you.

• Embrace and show your own style: Create content that reflects who you really are. Remember that your vibe attracts your tribe and your following will mirror your authentic self.

• Remember your community: Your community is a part of your story too. Give back to them when they like and comment on your posts. Make them feel heard and respond to their messages. Say thank you. Fire up engagement by asking them questions about your stories and follow up.

• Show up to your own party: Instagram is like a party. If you are like a wall flower that does not engage or chat with anyone, you will be left alone and lonely. Be the life of your own party by being consistent. It matters. Post regularly, engage with your followers and comment on other content on Instagram.

Use a transformation to get you going on Instagram stories

Transformations are a great way of telling an inspiring story. Show your followers before and after photos of your beautiful work. It lets them in on a secret while helping you to brand yourself or your salon. Play on your strengths to help you create beautiful stories, whether it’s specialising in colour correction, waves for days or cutting.

Take your social media knowledge one step further and go to to complete “Instagram – How to create compelling content”.

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