Taking Care of your Staff: New Series

Your staff are the most important asset to your salon business. They are the ones that bring in the revenue, take care of your clients, and allow your business to grow. However if you don’t take care of your staff you may find they become discourage, demotivated, or seek better opportunities elsewhere.

Some salon owners are afraid of investing in staff because “they might leave” – but although some staff will leave, it’s far better to have a strong team working for you than a weak one. And if a good hairstylist does leave there is no guarantee that they will have the business acumen to make their own salon succeed, so even if a few clients leave along with them, the chances are good that they will come back.

We will be publishing a series over the next few weeks on taking care of your staff, highlighting the different issues and areas that it takes to create a happy team.

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