Dark and Lovely Academy – Get Qualified as a Hairdresser and Improve your Skills

Mimmi Biggar, principal of the Dark and Lovely Academy in Johannesburg, explains the importance of a formal qualification, and the cost-effective options the academy offers.

Q: Mimmi, can you explain why a hairdresser needs a formal qualification and how it can benefit them?

A: Passing your Trade Test shows you are a certified, licensed operator who has all the skills in doing different types of hair, as well as business knowledge. This opens many doors in terms of your career options, and your earnings. No matter how creative you are, you need to have the paper to prove it!

Q: How does passing your Trade Test improve your career options?

A: A qualified hairdresser has far more choices and opportunities, and they will earn a higher salary right from the start. Hairdressing is our second fastest growing industry. A qualification allows you to rise above the unskilled and fly-by-nights, and have a fabulous career.

Q: What about travel and international opportunities?

A: We have a good relationship with Steiner cruise liners and qualified hairdressers can work on ships and earn in euros! You will have an amazing experience and grow in your career while seeing the world, and come home with a substantial nest-egg of savings.

Q: What is RPL – can you explain how it works?

A: RPL is Recognition of Prior Learning. If you have worked in the industry for 5 years or longer, you can apply to do your Trade Test.

Q: What assistance does the Dark and Lovely Academy offer with the trade test?

A: We offer an intensive short course to prepare hairdressers who would like to apply for the Trade Test through RPL. We set you up for success, making sure your skills are all up to scratch. This course is affordably priced, and as we are an accredited Trade Test centre, you can also do the test here.

Q: If a hairdresser cannot afford the full accreditation course, what do you suggest?

A: We suggest our intensive Beginner’s Course, which is a condensed version of the full accreditation. After you have completed this course you will be skilled enough to be employed at a salon. You can then come back and do our Advanced Course, and after 5 years, you can apply to do your Trade Test through RPL and become a fully qualified hairdresser!

Q: What other short courses does the Academy offer?

A: We have a fantastic short course for hairdressers who want to be inspired and learn the latest trends – the rumba twist, pompadour finger wave, crochet weave, and in colour, the ombre fade. Doing this course will get you fully up to date, allowing you to deliver these fashionable looks to your clients and make more money. We are also able to tailor make courses according to what your needs are. Contact us to discuss!

Q: What is your success rate for people taking the Trade Test?

A: We have never had a failure! We know that taking the Trade Test can be a scary experience, but we are here to help you learn and succeed.

Contact the Dark & Lovely Academy now on 087 357 8686.

Address: The Markade, corner President and Kruis Street, Johannesburg.

Website: www.darkandlovelyacademy.com

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