Habits of Successful Salon Owners

In our new 3-part series we are going to discuss two habits of highly successful salon owners, each week.

Habit 1: Self Care

You can’t lead your salon, your staff and your clients with the necessary energy if you are short on self-care. Being a successful salon owner means ensuring that you get enough sleep, make time for exercise and healthy eating, and have a work-life balance that allows you to devote your passion to your business while also ensuring you make some time for family and your leisure. A stressed, sleepless, sickly salon owner cannot give 100% to the business – it all starts with you!

Habit 2: Time Planning

It’s not always possible to work without interruptions, but a salon owner must set time aside to work ON their business and not just IN their business doing hair. Meetings, planning, admin, interviews and other tasks must be efficiently and calmly completed so you need to set time aside to keep these up to date. It’s important to be disciplined about this, because these tasks are essential to your business success, growth and the smooth running of the salon.

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