Creating a Welcoming Culture in Your Salon: 4 Top Tips

Tip 1: Always greet a client who walks in, even if the phone starts ringing at that moment or you are called away. A greeting, and a genuine smile and letting them know you will be with them in a moment, should be given before you attend to the phone, or whoever else needs you. A client standing in front of you must always take priority over the phone; even if you are busy on the phone, you can still make eye contact with them and quickly invite them to take a seat.

Tip 2: Always put information in a positive way and try to make a plan for the client. For example if a client walks in as you are about to close, instead of just saying you can’t help her, explain what your opening hours are and invite her to make a booking – alternatively if she can only come to the salon at a later time, arrange a day when you can accommodate her later.

Tip 3: Never discuss salon clients in front of other clients – even though it can be tempting to complain or gossip, it reflects really badly on your salon, and any client who overhears is going to assume you talk about her the same way. Such info should only be discussed in the staff room.

Tip 4: Always sound cheerful, enthusiastic and grateful. Smile, have a welcoming body language, use please and thank you as often as you can. This creates an awesomely positive culture and will make your clients feel they are the most important people in the world (which to you, they are!). Always greet a client by name if you can as this makes a really good impression.

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