Consistency is Key to Great Service

One of the most important rules for great salon service, is keeping your service consistent. Clients will come back to your salon not only because of the haircut but also because of the experience they enjoy there.

There is a lot that goes into a great experience – from the salon’s decor and cleanliness, to the way that your stylists treat clients. Every step of the client experience should be considered thoughtfully. Are your clients greeted promptly, seated, offered refreshments? Are they professionally gowned and given a consultation? Does everyone in the salon remain aware of their needs and focused on their comfort and well being?

Any efforts you make to improve your service must be maintained and this can form part of your salon training. Clients are very quick to notice when standards slip and this will negatively affect their perception of your business. Ultimately clients pay for an experience as well as a haircut, and if the experience is not amazing, they will start to question why they are spending money at your salon for the haircut.

So, bottom line – make sure all steps of the service are part of your salon protocol and that you do not stop doing them, forget about them, or let your standards slide.

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