Business Booster Idea: Hand Out Discount Cards

Do you want a creative and easy way to boost your business during the quieter months of January and February?

Here’s an idea that worked well for one salon owner!

Every client that comes in is given five of your business cards – on the back of each card you write their name, and a discount (say: 15% Discount). The clients can hand out cards to their friends, and whenever they bring in a card, it is put into a lucky draw for a big prize – say a hamper of a fabulous shampoo, conditioner and treatment, that is going to be drawn at the end of February.

At the end of February you draw a card out of all those that have been returned, and that client wins the prize. So the more cards your clients hand out and the more people they refer, the more cards they will have in the lucky draw and the better their chances are of winning!

If referrals come in after the end of February you must still honour the discount in terms of the Consumer Protection Act – after all it is still a referral and a chance for you to gain a new client by offering fabulous service and hair. It just means that card can’t be entered into the lucky draw as it has already been done.

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